I have been asked to supply the contact information of the representative who handled the accounts of the restaurants I had mentioned in an earlier post.

After speaking to my friend and then contacting the ESCO's representative to make sure it was ok and to get his permission.

I will post it for all who may be interested, just know in advance that this is for the Con Edison and KeySpan/National Grid territories in all of New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, parts of Westchester and/or Long Island.

I'm not sure how far upstate New York they cover at this time.
Gas Pricing
Everything will remain the same with the delivery and maintenance services you now receive. Your local utility (ConEd) will still deliver the natural gas and electric through their pipelines and wires. The safety and reliability you rely upon will not change. Your local utility (ConEd) will still handle any and all emergencies such as power outages or gas leaks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Face to Face Service – Being local to their customer base ensures a seamless transition while bringing aboard new customers, and servicing their existing portfolio. This is something not offered by National Grid/Con Edison.
Winter Cap Protection - This allows their customers to take advantage of their low adjustable rates, with the security of a pricing cap, which will protect you from common winter spikes in gas prices. This is something not offered by National Grid/Con Edison. 
One Year Price Locks - This allows their customers to lock in their price for an entire year. This is something not offered by National Grid/Con Edison.

Fax: (631) 595-2080

AmeriStar Energy, LLC

Fax both sides (all pages) of your present (ConEd) electric bill to the following:

Attn: BP

After receipt of your fax and analyzing your statement one of the reps in the office will contact you promptly.


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