I went to the Con Edison and also the Keyspan website and found out the ESCO's that they recommend. I also wanted to find out what the consolidated billing was all about.

I found out that I could sign up with a local ESCO here on Long Island and that I would still receive my bill from Keyspan. The only difference the woman told me is that that on my Keyspan bill it would state the name of the ESCO that was actually supplying my gas. In my case I went with Ameristar Energy, not only because they have the consolidated billing which makes it easier to still receive my single bill from Keyspan, but they are located right here on Long Island.

They also had no long term contract for me to sign, no switching fees, no hidden costs and last but not least. They had the lowest cost per therm for the natural gas.

I have recruited some friends, business people and colleagues to do the same and will keep you posted on how much our savings actually come to each month on an individual basis.

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