There are numerous ESCO's to choose from in New York State. Many of them are from down south and out of state with an office in NY so that they seem as if they're a local company to you as a customer. The ESCO's that are the best to sign with have "consolidated billing", which means that after you sign up with them, you still receive your bill from the local utility company that you were originally with, being Con Edison in New York City and KeySpan on Long Island. The only difference you will see is that the bill will have the name of the ESCO you chose on the Con Ed/KeySpan bill stating that they are now supplying your gas and electric. Oh, and obviously your bottom line payment will be much, much lower. In fact depending on the ESCO you choose and what terms they offer, you will have upwards of 10 - 15% total savings monthly..!!
My local steakhouse/restaurant just signed with an ESCO and they burn alot of gas [Therms of gas]. The owner told me that he signed on a month to month basis and that he gets a variable rate per therm, depending on the price thats tied to the commodities exchange strike/close price. That is publicly listed information on the internet and on the Exchange website. Anyway, if a company promises you an unbelievably low rate and try to get you to sign a long term contract, beware.
My restaurant friend said that he knew and trusted the man who signed him up. The gentleman explained to him that after signing with an ESCO you will probably be called by a telemarketer offering you lower "teaser rates" to switch to them. He explained this to me and stated, "I will always provide to you the lowest price, but I cannot compete with liars.!!". Being an astute businessman myself, I understand exactly what he meant by that comment and appreciate his business philosophy.
There are many websites out there that can offer you help and answer any questions you may have. But like I previously stated, for your own convenience and simplified bookkeeping. The consolidated billing, [having one bill from Con Ed and KeySpan ] is great. The companies that have this are actually being endorsed by the local utility and are the ones you can truly trust.


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